Middle School Strategies, T&L 2900

Gain a greater understanding of the middle school curriculum and instructional strategies as well as the needs of early adolescent students. The focus will be on the roles teachers play in incorporating a guided, interdisciplinary, collaborative team approach that assists students during these fundamentally transformative years.

You will review the necessary components of organization (teaming, advisor/advisee, exploratory, learning communities) and instruction (cooperative learning, student grouping, teacher strategies, and student learning styles) that create a unique middle school environment.

Through this online course, you will:

  • develop an interdisciplinary unit that integrates content across curricular areas.
  • identify and plan a lesson regarding the characteristics of middle school children.
  • identify curriculum areas and philosophical concepts that meet the physical, social, intellectual, and effective needs of the early adolescent.
  • create a plan to utilize a variety of instructional strategies and assessments that meet the needs of the early adolescent.

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