Applications of Virtual Reality for Education

The session will open with a 1 hour lecture on Virtual Reality and the applications for education, contextualized in the evolution of digital technologies in the coming years. The application will include wide range of disciplines including - Medical, Engineering/Mechanical assembly, Design - 3D VR spatial prototyping, Data visualization, Geography/Geology and Chemistry.

Emerging VR and Immersive Technologies are a breakthrough in learning paradigms, rendering immersive learning experiences that engage students in new ways of understanding even complex subjects and procedures, from theory, to operating complex machinery.

A deep dive into the era of Virtual Reality Experiences and "Ambient Technologies" the new implications and the new capabilities for businesses. How the Internet is evolving and how new technologies like AI, VR, AR and spatial computing are changing the paradigms of our collaboration networks, education, workplace and society. After the introductory lecture, attendees will be able to try some VR demonstrations at the UND VR Lab.

We invite you to discover the Future of Ambient Technologies and how Virtual and Augmented Reality will change the future of education.

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions