Differentiating Instruction Using the Common Core State Standards, T&L 2900

Teachers at all levels will delight in classroom-ready materials that help them organize their efforts to reach all students. Dr. Coil's book provides practical examples for a cross-section of standards, subjects, and grades. An accompanying CD includes templates that make customization easy. Classroom footage illustrates each tool or strategy in use with real kids, grades 1-8.

As you take this course, you will:

  • listen to experts.
  • watch real classroom learning.
  • read research and best practice.

Methods of Instruction and Evaluation include:

  • Pre and post surveys
  • Videos (presentations consisting of interviews and classroom footage)
  • Readings
  • Reflection Questions (open-ended questions at intervals throughout the course that ask participants to reflect on the course content, their own practice, and next steps for their practice)
  • Apply It Activities (activities that apply new learning to one's own classroom)
  • Checks for Understanding (selected-response quizzes to assess understanding)
  • Discussion Forums (prompts that engage participants in online dialogue with their cohorts)
  • Mid-course Project and Final Capstone Project

Included within each unit are readings, resources, and materials available to download, save, and print. At the end of each unit, you will find a KDS Application Toolkit that includes resources that can be used for implementation the next day; e.g., graphic organizers, project ideas, suggested texts and all onscreen graphics that are available to print or download.

Course Resources

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