Differentiation and the Brain, T&L 2900

Research is revealing so much about how the brain learns that educators can no longer ignore the implications of these discoveries for educational practice. Teachers need to find ways to use this brain research to develop strategies that will allow students to succeed in classrooms with a diverse mix of student readiness, interest, and learning profile. This course, led by expert presenters Carol Ann Tomlinson and David A. Sousa, offers a model for teachers for setting up a differentiated and brain-friendly classroom. Through workshop and classroom footage and interviews with practitioners, participants will explore how teachers' and students' mindsets affect differentiation and learn how to develop learning environments most conducive to differentiation. They will study the major components of a brain-friendly quality curriculum; explore effective practices for assessing student achievement to inform instruction; learn how to respond to student readiness, interests, and learning profiles; and investigate effective management techniques for the differentiated classroom.

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