2019 Professional Growth Institute, T&L 2900

North Dakota United is proud to present our 3rd annual Professional Growth Institute! The Institute, focused on community health, is open to anyone interested in attending. North Dakota communities form the core of our lives. The health and well-being of its members is crucial to survival and success, including the health of: our students; our workplaces and schools; our community as a whole, and; ourselves. North Dakota United stands united in Supporting Healthy Communities, and this conference will look at all pieces of the health puzzle.

Featured Keynotes:

  • June 10th: Melanie Carvell - Finding the Heart of Health and Happiness
  • June 11th: Mike Geiermann - Workplace Safety
  • June 12th: Cara Mund - Standing Up for Yourself in the Workplace

Break-out sessions will include topics that focus on student mental health and the effects of trauma; personal health and fitness; workplace safety; and general education topics.

North Dakota United will also be offering a free pre-conference session (NDU members only) on National Board Certification, PRAXIS testing, Retirement-PERS, and Compassion Fatigue. The pre-conference will begin at 1 p.m. on June 10th.

Available Sessions
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