Google Forms and Add-Ons, T&L 2900

The two-credit course focuses on the Growing world of Google Docs and Add-Ons. Google Docs and Add-Ons is a course where the teacher learns to use pre-written Add-Ons to automate tasks. Learn short cuts for quizzes, grading, data entry, document creation and distribution, etc. Unleash the power of your favorite Google Doc and learn easy ways to automate tasks across Google products. Scripting can enhance learning between and amid students. Teachers learn to utilize the pre-built scripting tools of many educationally-relevant tools and use these as a starting point to discover hundreds of Add-Ons that lead to standards-based lessons which are efficient, effective, and engaged.

All facets of the course focus on best practice instruction and research based approaches to teaching. All levels of technology experience are encouraged to take this course.

Course Resources
CEA_Google Forms and Add Ons

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