Awareness of Mental Health Issues, T&L 2900

Mental health issues show in students and adults in many ways. This course will address some of them and seeks to empower educators by providing information on topics from identification of those faced with mental health challenges to factors that influence the conditions. This course describes the causes and symptoms of various mental health disorders, effects of trauma on students, strategies for supporting those suffering from emotional distress, and the coping methods effective in the treatment of and recovery from mental illness.

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Ellen Teelucksingh
Ellen Teelucksingh

My name is Dr. Ellen Teelucksingh and I serve as the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services in Lombard, Illinois. In that role I am responsible for overseeing the special education, early childhood and English language learning services in the district. In addition, I provide leadership and guidance to staff, administrators, parents, and the Board of Education as it relates programming for students in the areas of social emotional learning, positive behavior supports, and promoting positive mental health in school.

Prior to joining the team in Lombard, I earned my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and licenses as K-12 Principal, Director of Special Education, and School Psychologist, all from the University of Minnesota. While in Minnesota I served as an educational administrator working in special education, correctional, and mental health settings. I served as the Principal an educational center for students with severe Emotional and Behavioral disabilities, supervised the educational program in a residential and correctional facility for juveniles adjudicated delinquent and managed a residential treatment center for juveniles with mental and chemical health needs in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Finally, I spent several years training administrators, staff and parents in the state of Minnesota on topics such as children's mental health, brain based learning strategies and interventions, the importance of using positive behavior interventions and supports, and how to promote social emotional learning in schools, home and in the community.

Heather Gorath Lindstrom
Heather Gorath Lindstrom

Heather Gorath Lindstrom considers herself fortunate to have spent over 20 years working with beyond-risk students in a variety of positions. Currently, she works as the Instructional Lead for St. Paul Schools correctional educational programs at Boys Totem Town and the Juvenile Detention Center. She is adjunct faculty in the Education Department at Augsburg College, teaching courses in the special education teacher licensure program. Previously she worked in special education administration, family engagement and as a special education and general education teacher.

During her tenure with the Minnesota Department of Education, Heather worked as a Special Education Compliance Specialist, State Personnel Development Grant Specialist, Care & Treatment Specialist and the Supervisor for the Education Innovation team. She has also taught at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Red Wing, Minnesota, and served on the Minnesota Board of Teaching.

Heather is licensed Social Studies teacher, EBD teacher and Special Education administrator. She has pursued her passion of working with students on the fringes of traditional education in rural, urban and suburban settings both inside schools and with other agencies -- it is work that she loves and Heather is always advocating for different ways of reaching our toughest students.

Her Master's Degree is in Chemical Dependency Counseling (with an emphasis on mental health and rehabilitation) and she has experience as a chemical dependency counselor and as a mental health therapist, including working in Appalachia. Heather is pursuing her EdD at the University of Minnesota-Duluth where she recently completed a Fellowship and will be assisting the Master's Program as a graduate assistant. In her free time Heather enjoys being with her daughter, reading, writing, travel and watching roller derby.

Brad Williams
Brad Williams

Brad Williams currently serves as a general and special education teacher at Cramer Junior High in Essexville, Michigan. He received his bachelor's in elementary education from Michigan State University in 1992; that same year, his career began as a special education teacher with Bay City Public Schools in Bay City, Michigan. He earned his master's in counseling from Central Michigan University in 2003. In addition to teaching, he has many interests and career extensions, including:

  • Counseling couples and families, having been trained as both a Marriage & Family and an Individual counselor.
  • In the past, he has taught as an adjunct faculty member in the Education Department at Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw, Michigan.
  • Brad also currently serves as Pastor of First Light Bible Church in Essexville, Michigan.

One of his great passions and avocations is writing. He has authored several published works, including:

  • The Learning is in the Journey, Not Just the Destination
  • What's Breaking Your Fall? God's Plan for Overcoming Life Struggles
  • Laying a Proper Foundation: Marriage and Family Devotional
  • A Season for Every Purpose: A Biblical Study of God's Unfolding Wisdom

Brad also enjoys conducting workshops on a variety of topics in education, as well as faith-based topics.

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