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Alternative Assignments to High Stakes Assessments in Rapid Remote Instruction

Rapid remote instruction has changed the way we teach and interact with our students no matter our primary modality of delivering courses. A key conversation is how semester grades will be assigned and, this is based on how we will continue to assess student learning in changed circumstances. High stakes assessments are typical in many courses, but they can be detrimental to student success now more than ever. In this session, we will contextualize the current rapid remote instruction environment to give you best practices and alternative assignments that you can put into immediate use to help you prioritize student learning, make assessment efficient and manageable for your remote work life, and keep students consistently engaged and on track to successfully complete an otherwise disrupted semester.

In this session you will learn:

  • Definitions of high stakes assessments and other methods of evaluation
  • Methods and rationales for using high stakes assessments
  • The prioritized uses of high stakes assessments in STEM courses
  • Arguments against the use of high stakes assessments

  • Illustrations of how student grades can plummet unpredictably using high stakes assessments

  • Alternative assignments that you can put into immediate use to assess student learning

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