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Tomorrow's Technology in Today's Classroom, T&L 2900

In this course students will gain an understanding of several current technological resources that are available for free use, as well as, understand the advantages of implementing such resources. Through peer-to-peer and instructor interactions by the end of the workshop each student will have an understanding of how to effectively implement the online component of teaching in a traditional classroom.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards seeks to identify and recognize teachers who effectively enhance student learning and demonstrate the high level of knowledge, skills, abilities and commitments. This course aligns with 1, 4 & 5 of those standards.

Course Objectives:

  • Review the variety and ever-growing availability of technological resources.
  • Design and utilize a wiki program.
  • Utilize and customize virtual communication mediums.
  • Discuss with the instructor and classmates varying platforms for student implementation of technological resources.
  • Produce and implement a virtual survey.
  • Create an online classroom using one of the recommended ecourse sites.

Course Resources
CEA_Tomorrows Technology in Todays Classroom

Available Sessions