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Grant Writing Made Easy, T&L 2900

In this course students will gain an understanding of what it takes to research, select, prepare for, and write a successful grant application. By the end of the course students will have applied for two grants that have the opportunity to enhance their classroom or school. Participants will engage directly with the instructor and classmates through weekly discussions. Participants will also receive constructive feedback that can be directly applied into current and future grant writing pursuits.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards seeks to identify and recognize teachers who effectively enhance student learning and demonstrate the high level of knowledge, skills, abilities and commitments. This course aligns with 1 & 5 of those standards.

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze the components to grant writing.
  • Evaluate the specificity of a grantee in accordance with the funding source.
  • Collect the essential data necessary to provide qualifying status of the grantee.
  • Develop the researching skill-set and communication tools necessary to find a funding source.
  • Discuss presentation style characteristics; both desired and detrimental.
  • Complete grant applications that meet qualifying standards and monetary limits.

Course Resources
CEA_Grant Writing Made Easy

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