Middle School Philosophy and Curriculum, T&L 2900

The primary objective of this middle school course is to examine the evolution of middle schools with particular emphasis on the rationale. Why are we, as middle school educators, doing the things we do, and how well is it working? How has our knowledge better assisted the needs of our early adolescent students?

This course will look at the historical and philosophical background of middle level education. Our focus will be on the roles teachers and administrators play in incorporating this guided, interdisciplinary, and collaborative team approach that assists students during these fundamentally transformative years. We will look at the necessary components of organization (teaming, advisor/advisee, exploratory, and learning communities) and instruction (cooperative learning, student grouping, and teacher strategies and student learning styles) that create a unique middle school environment. We will explore contemporary issues associated with the middle school as well as the adaptations necessary for special circumstances affiliated with middle schools.

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