Preparing Students for the Common Core Assessments, T&L 2900

This course is designed for teachers who want to understand the Common Core Assessments. By the end of this course, teachers will understand the impact of the Common Core Assessments and how they influence teaching strategies, curriculum design, and non-summative assessment methods. The course also provides detailed information on important shifts from standardized testing to the new assessments that impact the way lessons are developed and taught. Detail about the state consortia involved in the administration, delivery, and support of the Common Core Assessments, along with technology requirements for testing are included in the course. Teachers also gain important strategies for helping students prepare for the Common Core Assessments, including study and test-taking tips. A multitude of resources, including sample test items, are included as well to ensure the teacher has the tools and information necessary to prepare and help students prepare for the Common Core Assessments.

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PDI_Preparing Students for the Common Core Assessments

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