Transforming School Culture, T&L 2900

School improvement cannot happen in a toxic culture, one where teachers are in conflict and a negative attitude prevails. In this course, Dr. Anthony Muhammad sheds new light on the diverse issues of resistant staff, with an emphasis on developing a cohesive, positive culture. Teachers and administrators alike will recognize their colleagues as Dr. Muhammad describes them:

  • The Believers -- who believe that all students can learn, and that what they do in the classroom can and will make a difference
  • The Tweeners -- the idealistic new teachers just learning the ropes
  • The Survivors -- staff members who suffer from burnout, and whose primary mission is to make it through the school year
  • The Fundamentalists -- who are heavily invested in the status quo and a force to be reckoned with

Throughout the course, educators explore the root causes of staff resistance to change, and leave with immediate, accessible strategies that improve school culture. Dr. Muhammad provides the framework for understanding dynamic relationships within a school culture and ensuring a positive environment that supports the changes necessary to improve learning for all students.

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