Technology Applications for Teaching and Supporting the Struggling Reader, T&L 2900

Too many students are entering middle and high schools with deficits in literacy skills that prevent them from participating in grade-level learning. Students with low-literacy skills quickly fall into a cycle of failure, often resulting in dropping out of school. This need not be the case. Over the past forty years, research in the cognitive and neurological sciences has helped us to better understand how the human brain is restructured during the process of learning to read. In this course, Drs. Hasselbring and Bausch discuss how to leverage this knowledge to facilitate the use of technology to enhance literacy instruction for all readers, and especially struggling readers. They provide specific examples of technology that teaches and supports literacy skills. The course is enhanced by screen shots, product walkthroughs, interviews, and footage of students at computers and in classrooms, as well as by three text-based units.

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