Differentiation and Assessment in Middle School, T&L 2900

Wormeli begins with a critical question to educators; "how can we change the culture of our schools?" He asserts that the traditional lecture and assessment methods that assume all kids learn the same way are not correct. He presents evidence of the value of knowing the students well and learning how to differentiate instruction to accommodate their needs. He stresses that in the classroom "fair is not necessarily equal." When we differentiate instruction and assessment - we are taking this into account.

In subsequent units Mr. Wormeli presents his case for the differentiated classroom and assessment techniques. Using current research by noted experts in the field, such as Rick Stiggins, Steven Covey, Carol Ann Tomlinson and Howard Gardner, he introduces educators to the essential techniques in creating differentiated learning environments and the rationale for implementing them.

Through citing of the essential literature and his own expertise and anecdotal experiences as a teacher, Mr. Wormeli challenges educators to have the courage to change their mindsets in order to make the changes necessary for their students' success.

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