Creating a Professional Learning Community at Work: Foundational Concepts and Practices, T&L 2900

Members of professional learning communities (PLCs) take as their primary purpose enhancing their own learning in order to enhance, in turn, all their students' achievement. Toward that end, educators in PLCs engage in authentic collaboration to develop a shared mission and vision, to create structural and cultural change to support that mission and vision, to articulate collective commitments based on consensus, to determine specific goals, and to develop plans to pursue and achieve those goals. In this course, presenters Richard DuFour and Rebecca DuFour, among the initiators of the PLC concept, take a group of educators embarking on a new school deeply into why and how to structure their school to support the PLC process. Participants will explore what essential questions members of PLCs need to ask and answer, how to engage in authentic collaboration and collective inquiry, and how to organize themselves around a results orientation. The course engages online participants in the processes that result in effective PLCs and illustrates these processes through PLCs in action.

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