Common Core State Standards for School Leaders, T&L 2900

The Common Core State Standards originated in 2010 and have been adopted by the majority of states across the country. The standards aim to increase the rigor of instruction for all students in order to adequately prepare them for success in college and careers. In this course, educational leaders will explore the Common Core State Standards to understand the purpose for the standards, the foundations of the standards, what students are expected to understand, know, and be able to do, and how the standards and the related Common Core Shifts will impact teachers' approach to instruction across subject areas and grade levels. The course will explore the impact the standards have for instructional planning and assessment, and will address considerations for diverse student populations. Throughout this course, educational leaders will explore the school culture, strategic communication, and organizational structures needed to support school-wide transition to the Common Core. Through readings, classroom instructional videos, and other materials, participants will gain a strong understanding of the standards and their application. Participants will deepen their capacity to lead implementation of the Common Core State Standards within their school or district.

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