Courageous Conversations about Race, T&L 2900

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to understand and examine the impact of race on student achievement and the role that racism plays in institutionalized racial disparities. You will learn a practical and accessible protocol that supports participants in challenging their personal beliefs around race. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies to participate in courageous conversations about race on a daily basis in both personal and professional contexts.

As you take this course you will:

  • listen to experts.
  • watch real classroom learning.
  • read research and best practice.

Methods of Instruction and Evaluation include:

  • Pre and post surveys
  • Videos (presentations consisting of interviews and classroom footage)
  • Readings
  • Reflection Questions (open-ended questions at intervals throughout the course that ask participants to reflect on the course content, their own practice, and next steps for their practice)
  • Apply It Activities (activities that apply new learning to one's own classroom)
  • Checks for Understanding (selected-response quizzes to assess understanding)
  • Discussion Forums (prompts that engage participants in online dialogue with their cohorts)
  • Mid-course Project and Final Capstone Project

Included within each unit are readings, resources, and materials available to download, save, and print. At the end of each unit, you will find a KDS Application Toolkit that includes resources that can be used for implementation the next day; e.g., graphic organizers, project ideas, suggested texts and all onscreen graphics that are available to print or download.

Course Resources

Available Sessions