Anger Management & Effective Discipline to Prevent Violence, Part I, T&L 2900

The unhealthy expression of anger disrupts instruction, creates a hostile environment and negatively impacts the relationships and emotional well-being of educators, students, and parents. By helping educators understand the relationships among anger, the brain, violence prevention, and effective discipline, Diane Wagenhals empowers educators with knowledge, skills, and principles to help them become more aware and confident in managing and responding to anger, and better equipped to teach students, colleagues, and parents effective ways to be in charge of their own anger. In addition to providing detailed information on the complex nature of anger, Ms. Wagenhals also presents information and strategies for dealing with anger's related emotion, shame, including ways to eliminate shame-based discipline approaches, and replace them with methods that protect and promote relational and emotional health in children and adults. By the end of the course, educators will incorporate healthy philosophies of anger and discipline into their teaching practice.

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