A Framework for Teaching: Making the Most of Teacher Evaluation, T&L 2900

Schools and districts across the country have found in Charlotte Danielson's Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching a tool to promote and assure quality in teaching and continual professional learning for educators. Danielson offers an evaluation system that compels its users to address the fundamental questions of how good is good enough in teaching and good enough at what exactly? How do we know and who should decide? Educators will learn a range of functions for the Framework, from supporting self-assessment and reflection to providing formative assessment of teachers' practice to providing support for improving their practice. A panel of administrators with experience implementing the Framework in their schools and districts detail necessary steps to implementation and guidelines to facilitate the process. Karyn Wright and her panel add to the discussion considerable detail about what constitutes evidence of teaching practice, where and how to locate relevant data, and how to read that data. They also augment the course's consideration of professional learning's role in teacher evaluation, returning to the Framework itself and scrutinizing the role of mentoring and inducting. Educators will come away prepared to instigate and utilize this evaluation system that has been adopted and touted by so many teachers and administrators alike.

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