Strategic Foundations for Reflective Schools, T&L 2900

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are groups of educators who meet regularly to reflect on practices, share ideas and expertise, and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and academic performance. Once, PLCs were an innovation with a good chance to fundamentally change how schools work. Now they are standard practice, and yet schools look very much the same. Like other educational buzzwords that stick around for a while, the original concept has evolved in so many different directions for so many different reasons that the term can mean something different to everybody. How do you know which definition is the correct one? Despite copious evidence of the benefits of this collaborative culture, the implementation of Professional Learning Communities still involves many challenges. This course discusses the structure, creation, and maintenance of an effective Professional Learning Community, emphasizing the importance of communication and consensus in the establishment of the school-wide mission, vision, values, and curriculum.

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