Watercolor Pours and Negative Painting Workshop, T&L 2900

Jennifer Stone will be the primary artist instructor for this workshop. Jennifer Stone is an experienced watercolor, acrylic and mixed media artist. She is also an engaging workshop instructor, having taught multiple workshops throughout the Midwest and with the Badlands Arts Association.

The workshop will introduce artists to a technique to achieve a beautiful floral of roses, without any drawing skills. Other techniques will be a watercolor pour, where you literally pour diluted watercolor onto the paper before sketching your subject, introduced as an option for an abstracted, interesting background. A brief lesson & exercise on negative painting. In a succession of watercolor pours, the background of abstract shapes will be achieved, setting the tone for a fun floral with interesting shapes and color surprises. The technique of negative painting will achieve a painting with depth and intrigue.

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions