C3WP: Advanced Instruction/Upper Elementary3WP: Advanced Instruction/Upper Elementary, T&L 2900

The College, Community, and Career Writers Program (C3WP) is an initiative of the National Writing Project that offers teachers professional development in teaching argument writing. This year C3WP is extending their professional development to upper-elementary teachers. It offers tools and resources developed and tested at National Writing Project sites and in classrooms across the country.The program begins with a two-day summer workshop, includes monthly follow-up sessions during the school year, and is led by teacher-leaders from the Red River Valley Writing Project.

C3WP's teaching resources focus on reading and analyzing multiple perspectives on important issues, developing strong claims, and effectively using nonfiction texts as evidence. The program features systematic formative assessment to inform next steps in instruction, including the Using Sources Tool (UST), which supports teachers in analyzing how students make and support claims using evidence from sources. This course will also be focused on building teacher-leaders who will lead future professional development on C3WP to fellow upper-elementary teachers.

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