Lakota Summer Institute (Beginners Track), T&L 2900

This track is designed for second language learners of Lakota who are at a beginner level. There are 6 total courses in this track, in Communicative Lakota and Lakota Grammar. These courses will teach students the most immediately needed phrases, expressions and sentence patterns, all introduced through highly communicative, interactive methods. Among other things, students will be introduced to pronunciation, forming questions, negation, demonstratives, numbers, some basic body parts, immediate family kinship terms, most frequent verbs, basic travel verbs, etc. Additionally, this track will cover three areas of Lakota grammar:

  1. Lakota alphabet, phonemic inventory and pronunciation
  2. Conjugation of Lakota verbs (inflectional morphology)
  3. Sentence structure (syntax)

Students will be exposed to various self-learning skills and strategies in order to become active self-learners of the language.

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions