Finding Your Center (Bismarck), T&L 2900

Finding Your Center: A highly engaging and interactive 2-day workshop experience designed and developed to showcase the use of the arts to impact the social-emotional and physical Well-being of adults and children.

Our focus will include the areas of music/drumming, dance/movement, drama, and visual arts.

  • Drumming: Rhythm can impact the health and well-being of people at all ages. Through the introduction of HealthRhythms and Beat the Odds, two different drumming programs, participants will learn how to incorporate relaxation and stress reduction techniques, team building, leadership development, enhance focus and listening skills, and much more.
  • Dance/Movement: learn forms of movement (dance, meditation, play, breathing, relaxing, etc) that promotes connection with others, discover the mind-body connection, empower people by enhancing self-awareness, self-esteem, and providing safe opportunities for the expression of feelings
  • Drama: uses the elements of acting (concentration, cooperation, and collaboration) to learn skills in self-control, communication, team building, and leadership.
  • Visual Arts: exploring visual art techniques to bring focus, reflection, expression, and awareness.
  • Gallery: Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS): introduction to techniques that uses visual literacy to foster collaboration, inclusion, community-building, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and reflective practice.

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions